Decknicians, Inc.,  offers a one year Workmanship Warranty on all signature decks we build and five year Structural Guarantee.

Many of the materials used by Decknicians, Inc., have their own guarantees and warranties on the products used. A copy of the chosen material warranty and the owner’s care, maintenance, and cleaning recommendations can be provided when a deck or fence is completed per customer request.

Signing and accepting the formal written proposal is acknowledgement the customer agrees to the terms and conditions. Customer is responsible for reviewing any and all warranty in full. Should the customer have any questions or concerns, it is the customer’s responsibility to address any  and all questions.

Guarantee and warranty policy:

  • The customer must present proof of purchase in either the form of an original signed contract or sales invoice from Decknicians, Inc., should there be any claims.
  • Customer must show all follow-up maintenance was performed  as per recommendation after installation by Decknicians, Inc.
    • Decks and fences need to be properly protected shortly after install is hereby recommended that all pressure treated wood be sealed or stained by client or professional with an exterior sealant designed for pressure treated wood. This will not eliminate the natural characteristics but might reduce the amount of the natural wood breakdowns. Proper maintenance of your deck must be strictly followed.
  • If a repair is needed but not covered under warranty ; Decknicians, Inc will advise the customer of what the fee will be to repair the deck or fence.
  • This warranty is effective only upon payment- in- full by the customer within 2  (two) days from date of competition, final walk through and final inspection, and also any additional charges resulting from change orders. Payments not received within 3 (Three) days may VOID warranty and will result in a late fee, lien on property, and interest. If full payment is not made within 7 ( Seven) days then Decknicians, Inc.,  will add additional late fees per Diem and may take legal action against client to pursue payment. We strive hard to keep our employees paid in a timely manner upon completion of projects. Payment schedules are vital to keep project on track thereby, please be mindful of this during your project and please contact project manager or office with any questions.
  • The original client must be the one making the claim. The warranty in non-transferable unless customer has contacted Decknicians, Inc., and paid the fees associated to transfer the warranty to new home owner within twenty days of transferring property. Must pass inspections.
  • Timeliness of the warranty work performed shall be at the discretion of the contractor, (typically within thirty days from time of claim).
  • Claims must be submitted in writing either via mail or email format and accompanied by at least three photos of the problem area(s).
  • Once Decknicians, Inc., has been notified by the original customer, we ask for ten business days to schedule a time to have the issue assessed by our team experts, develop a solution,  submit in writing to the customer to agree to the planned repairs,  and then we can schedule the actual repair within thirty days to be addressed.

Limitations for no coverage:

  • Normal wear and tear on the deck, excessive traffic, and abnormal weight not specifically stated prior to start of project such as; a hot tub being placed on deck without prior consultation or any other large objects.
  • DIY (Do-it-Yourself) options are not covered under any guarantee/warranty policies: this includes but not limited to projects started by anyone other then Decknicians but not completed by Decknicians, Inc.,  or projects finished but not started by Decknicians, Inc.,

Any work or alterations completed by client after completion of project such as negligent maintenance or additions/alterations that have been made to the original deck without proper consultation. Any alterations made by client or other outside contractors will result in cancellation of any guarantees or warranties.

  • Unfortunate Natural occurrences such as;
    • Storm Damage, Flooding, Tornado, Hurricane, anything falling on-to the deck, and/ or other acts of God, vandalism, animal or fire damage are NOT COVERED BY any of Decknicians, Inc., warranties or guarantees.
  • Cracking, cupping, warping, fading, bowing, twisting, shrinking, expanding, splitting of wood, wood discoloration, or natural appearances such as knots on any pressure treated wood members unless caused by faulty workmanship, as these characteristics are normal and are caused by the natural effects of drying and weathering.
    • We do not remove stamps from the mill for code compliant reasons. Surface cracking especially on wood posts is very normal with treated wood and is not covered under warranty.
  •  Composite characteristics: For example, miter cut angles can be flush at time of install but due to shrinking (Even Composite / PVC), the cut may develop a small gap; this would not be covered under warranty. Wood shrinks and Composite/PVC contracts and expands. Unfortunately it is the nature of the products and we have no control over this.


  • Decknicians, Inc.,   will cover all materials and labor required to correct any defect in workmanship which is listed under our covered section of the warranty.
  • Decknicians, Inc.,  will replace any deck components that are proven to be defective due to workmanship only. We do not guarantee any materials but can assist in helping with contacting manufactures and providing proof of purchase if required.
  • Any additional work not related to the original scope of work will be subject to a change order/ addendum and will be an additional cost assumed by the client.

Responsibilities of Decknicians, Inc.;

  •  Decknicians, Inc., will comply with all townships, county and state building code requirements and always recommend obtaining the proper permits prior to start of projects. All work is to be built to or above current code requirements.
  •  Retainer and any deposits are non- refundable, after the 3 days Right To Cancel Policy. If you need to cancel your project or need to reschedule your project for a later date please notify us within the 3 days- If you are changing the project date; there will be a limitation to time permitted and an additional cost depending on the commodities of the supply increase.
  • If we are requested, by the client, to build in a manner that we do not recommend or is not to current code standards, that scope of work will not be covered under workmanship guarantee.
  • During construction, due to heavy foot traffic or equipment, there may be minimal damage caused to your lawn. Turf repair is NOT included in the price and will be subject to a change order or additional costs if repair are requested. We do take every precaution to ensure your property is protected.
  • Decknicians, Inc.,  is not liable for damages caused by other contractors or delivery trucks. We are also not responsible for any materials, purchased by client, that are left unattended on property. Please safeguard materials by storing in a safe location before and during construction.
  • Should Decknicians, Inc.,  have a returned check from the customer, a $75.00 fee will be charged to home owner and a cash, cashiers check,  or credit card payment(3.5% fee is added to all credit card payments) will be requested if any future payments are to be made.
  •  Any projects completed after April 1st , 2015 we will have to charge a small trip charge of $45.00
  • Decknicians, Inc., is not be liable for delays due to unforeseeable causes beyond the control of, and without the fault or negligence of the contractor, including acts of God, acts of the homeowner, fires, floods, strikes, freight embargoes, severe weather, material unavailability, material theft or inability to obtain materials. These delays do not constitute abandonment and are not included in calculating time frames for payment or performance. Delays beyond our control may also delay a start date or completion date. Change orders may also delay the timeline of your project.
  • Our contracts do not include hidden or unknown contingencies such as but not limited to: concealed pipes, rotting or decay, foundation/footer depths in excess of 30 inches, relocation of underground utilities.
    • Should rock or other hard or similar material be encountered in the footing or any excavation, such as post holes, which require the use of a compressor, blasting material or unusual method, to remove the hard material, the extra cost will be billed as a change order and due as specified. Extra labor costs are billed at the rate of $55.00 per man per hour.
    • In the event unexpected equipment rental is needed and is not in the signed proposal, the customer is responsible for payment of rental and to be paid by customer prior to renting equipment. Change orders are to be paid in advance of any work performed or invoiced at the end of job; this will be determined by Decknicians, Inc.,  on case by case basis. Majority of the time change orders are due immediately.
    • If there are changes to the original scope, necessitated by zoning and or building inspector requirements or customer initiated changes that require a change in the permit, the homeowner will be charged for the drawings, time to run the permit and any county or city fees.
    • Change orders may affect the projected completion date. Typically permit revisions are $150.00 – $200.00 and will be billed as a change order.
  • Building departments and building inspectors differ. We do follow the IRC (International Residential Code) but to keep costs down for our clients there are a few things in the code book that many clients do not like and we do not automatically add in to the cost of our projects. In the event a building inspector requires items such as: concrete landing pad at bottom of steps, exterior lighting on deck area, electrical outlet on deck area, certain glass window type, vent extensions, lateral bracing, secondary handrails on steps, soil engineers, or extra deep footers, these items are also subject to change orders. If discussed prior or it’s stated on the proposal there will be no additional charge as it is included in the original contract amount.

Payment Options:

  • 1. Turnkey option / fixed price. Decknicians, Inc., will provide all materials and labor which upon delivery of  materials, we are responsible for any shortage, overages of materials within the scope or details outline on the proposal. This option our clients are able to receive the best possible price due to our contractor discounts. This option we either set up a payment schedule for large projects, or a higher deposit may be required. All proposals will have payments outlined in the proposal.
  • 2. Homeowner to purchase materials directly from the lumber yard. We do this to allow the customers to save 3% if paying by a credit card as we charge a 3% processing fee. Decknicians, Inc.,  will generate a material list and get everything set up at the supplier thereby each client only needs to call or visit supplier to purchase materials. We do estimate and allow for up to 5% waste. Customers will need to purchase materials 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the project. Decknicians, Inc.,  will coordinate delivery and get everything set up for construction. Excess materials on the material list will be swapped out if additional materials are needed to allow for keeping the project within budget. Decknicians, Inc., keeps any nonreturnable packages, excess framing materials, open hardware packs, nails etc. Decknicians, Inc, will leave extra decking boards with client if requested or can schedule a material pick up form lumber yard for a credit or return. If trip fees are needed for a return by Decknicnians, Inc., a $50.00 trip fee will be billed on final invoice. If Decknicians, Inc.,  generates a material list it is merely an estimate. We are excellent at estimating, but as with any construction there may be a few items we missed. If there are extra materials we may swap out to keep the project within budget, but if you are to purchase all materials, then you will be required to purchase any materials needed for your project to be completed. In case of an underestimation, we ask each client to have a contingency in case additional materials are needed to complete the project. In the rare event there may be a shortage Decknicians, Inc.,  will cover trip charges or delivery fees associated with the contingent materials purchased. This would also never affect labor charges. We will not be able to move forward with the project until additional materials are purchased by client, which can delay the building process.
  • If the client would like something installed in a particular manner that is not discussed prior, nor our standard operating procedure and not to manufacture installation instructions standards then additional fees or change orders may apply.
  • If we recommend not to install a certain way and a client still insists which becomes an issue; that section would not be covered under warranty.

Your deck and your satisfaction is advertisement for our company. If you should have any issues with your deck or fence, and it may have an item not covered under our workmanship warranty, we can still address the issue but may have to charge a small fee to cover our time.

Thank you for Choosing Decknicians, Inc.

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