What to Consider

  • Ipe Pool Deck - Belair

    *Ipe Pool Deck- Belair

    Inspiration: We recommend gaining inspiration for your new or remodel deck project by considering the surroundings of the area that you designate for the project, is it a green area or maybe a more urban setting. Viewing photos showcasing in our custom-designed decks, pergolas (aka  trellis or arbor), railing, flooring, stairs, and other features  can give you some starter ideas.

Ipe Deck - Los Angeles

*Ipe Deck- Los Angelos

  • Form & Function:
  • Think about what it is you really want or need from your new deck .  Are you looking for a place to entertain outdoors, a private oasis, or an extension of living space? What is the largest number of people you would like to entertain? How are you going to most often use the deck? what are important access points and high traffic passages?   Reflecting on the form and function of your new deck will help facilitate the design process and get at a design that works                                                                       with your specific house and needs.


  • Budget: Dreaming about your new deck will surely inspire grand ideas with a no-holds-barred attitude.  Consider this when thinking about costs: a simple deck with limited features can cost anywhere from $20-$50+ per square foot (depending on many factors).  Additional features, such as pergolas, fences, railings, stairs, gazebos, benches, flower boxes, or  fire pits can add to the budget.  We’ve seen all kinds of shapes and sizes of decks in our business and we can assure you, even the most simplest in design are stunning additions to a home.


Image result for AZEK decks

* Azek composite material with fire pit from Azek.com

  •  Size: Your new deck should complement your backyard space, not overwhelm it.  Think about the layout of your backyard, the currently utilized space, whether you want the deck to be attached to your home, or set apart from it.


See more composite deck ideas on Azek designs on Pinterest link

  • Materials: When considering which decking material you should choose, be it IPE, CYPRESS, TREX, Southern Yellow Pine, AZEK, or Cedar remember the following: it should aesthetically complement your home and your personal style, offer long-term value and maintained properly every year or be as maintenance-free as possible.
*disclaimer; pictures with asterisks (*) are an indication that the project is used as a sample, available design, an idea, hence not built by Decknicians, Inc.

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